Chloe Clementine is a voice to be given attention to, she has vocal range and vocal strength that out weigh’s her size and projects inches longer than her age. Chloe is a part of the youth signing initiative that touch records began early this year. Touch Records believes Chloe has the ability to make her mark and her name a well known name in the music industry.

Chloe is a only 19, yet she is gifted with an incredible creative song writing mind, and a nearly pitch perfect ear. She has both been self taught and trained on several musical instruments, and can write using the instruments, to create the tempo, tone, melody and harmonies she wants.

She will be getting composition and production from UCAS Touch and Dick Groves, on top of her own original renditions. We are so happy and pleased to have her on our roster, and we are looking forward to the fantastic work we are going to create together.

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