We are pleased to announce the short term merger of Touch Records and Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger. This seasoned Performer, Rapper, Singer, Writer, producer is one of the most talented artist we have worked with in 11 years. Hybrid has over 2000 tracks out, covering 30 albums.

Chris works harder in one month of production than most artist do in a whole year. Chris also has a label of his own, and a media business that helps to push his more than 50 + videos. We see enormous potential in Hybrid, and our desire is to join his ability and our music to make something special that is not commonly made.

Hybrid has performed on many stages, in front of hundreds of fans, with many big names, yet he has not ventured out very far from home to perform, we plan to extend his demography, and extend it to the waiting ears of today’s generation. The writing of Hybrid is already some amazing stuff, with the special style of music creation from UCAS Touch & Spokewheel, this should light up the industry with a sound not commonly produced or found.

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