I have never been more proud of an artist than I am Chloe Clementine, from our roster in the UK.  She has the strength and courage to do what she loves and believe in herself and her music.  She believes just enough to take a chance on doing her thing, her way, and believing that the world will understand and receive it.

She learns quickly and is developing every day that she works at her craft, she a tinny rocket ready to blast off, and will surely make a name for herself in whatever she does.  She has been a pleasure to work with in the London studio and we look forward to some even greater project with her.

Her latest EP project with us titled “Fantasy”, is an incredible project, being developed in our UK Studio, with Dick Groves the CEO of Touch Music Group /PLG Music UK.  the original music creations are singer/songwriter tracks, written by Chloe with her playing guitar and some piano, these were beds of music, primarily laid down by her.  The music was then superimposed, arranged and finally completely composed by Dick Groves for Chloe, in a collaborative style of production.

The Slow Adult Contemporary Groves are Adele like tracks, and will be the originals for the project, and the first of her releases with TMG.  Of course, UCAS Touch from the Chicago Branch of TMG, has been hard at work composing re-edits and remixes that are in a completely different music genre, in support of her main project.

More artist that are scheduled to be on her remixes are Chris Hybrid The Rapper, Nate Nelson, Gregory E., and Juan Iturraldi, which will take her music brand to another level completely.  All this while attending College, and under the age of 25.  Chloe is an example to anyone that desires to be more than average or normal, and wants to achieve more.  Chloe is well on her way to becoming the “Artist of the Year” with us, and hopefully with the world.

Written By – Will Wilson (Touch Music Group President & CEO)

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