Your Primary Benefits!

Our Basic Process For You

  1. New Release – Marketing Program
  2. Artist Informational Press Kit – We form a Press Kit and publishing direction for your project and you.
  3. Project Release – We prepare the release for a press and media blitz and basic support.  A news story generated for our site, and the general public, that is featured in our new release section.
  4. We create a separate planning and marketing proposal, we find a solid test case and then use this as the benchmark and seek out other sales, and licensing from this.
  5. We create a campaign that focuses on FILM and TV and CABLE license sales.
  6. Digital Distribution
  7. Radio Distribution
  8. Licensing Resources and Opportunities

Our Publishing Benefits To You

We don’t require payment from our clients or members, all work provided is paid for from backend revenue.  We publish, market and distribute with all our cost maintained from the 30%  of all royalties we receive from our clients music.

We help you to establish a foundation and direction for the best music you have.  We work up a plan on how best to market and publish it, which all depends on the style of the music and any previous marketing supports and success you’ve had.

More Options We Offer

Press and Media Releases

Press and media releases about the label your with and you. We will forward a draft release for you to review. Once completed we will then code load and circulate to the media networks to announce the new working relationship and the new partnership with PLG Music Group. We really need to get some solid BIO and background information on all of the key principles of you as an artist + some new images of you would be great.  We will connect with you via a Dropbox we setup for you.

Music Project Opportunities

We provide viable quality music collaborations, for all our artist, musicians, publishers and writers.  We help you to establish current completed quality work.  We establish a deal for a Single, EP or Album project, and we produce the music.  We setup a production plan for you to collaborate with one of our Producers or Musicians.  All studio production, mix and mastering is covered in our own studios, both in the US and the UK.  We then place a determined investment into the product, and create the best marketing and publishing plan for it.

Newsletter Templates

Your email Letters to fans. We need to develop the frame work of the newsletter and how we will communicate regularly to your fan base. This is vital to not only the fans but for producers, studio owners, TV networks etc. We get an enormous amount of business from our newsletters and they just simply work. The key is the frequency and the clear and clean message that you wish to send to the market. This is all part of our role to help guide and create what will be the framework of YOUR newsletter for the world.

“Our desire to help people in this manner is by far a desire that will take great effort, but without great effort, often great achievement is not found.

TMG is constantly building on it’s marketing base and dimension to reach larger fans directly, while continually developing our consumer base via marketing variations.

TMG Licensing is leading the way for TMG in developing more agreements and options thru music placements in film, TV, Cable, public advertising and  licensing.

Will Wilson

Touch Music Group – CEO

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