Ed Crosby and Farley Keith, represent for Chicago and The Hot Mix 5

Mr. Ed “Getdown” Crosby is a good friend of mine, and he holds a bit of a pedigree when it comes to Chicago House, he was one of the people to roll out House Music to Chicago, he is a pioneer of bringing house music to Chicago, he helped to announce house music to the world via the radio and playing around the world.

He was one of the first to play with the gentlemen that started “The Hot Mix 5” (The Hot Mix 5 are an American DJ team originating from Chicago, Illinois, who were chosen by WBMX Program Director, Lee Michaels in 1981. The founding members were Farley “Funkin” Keith, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, Ralphi Rosario, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, and Scott “Smokin” Silz). , he was one of first to travel around the world playing house music, and he was one of the first DJ / Remix Producers.  Ed has paved the way for many DJ’s that now enjoy the limelite, on both sides of the dance music coin, from House music to EDM music.

I wanted to make this clear because in doing all that i’ve mentioned and more, Ed has not received all the true accolades he should have, he has not been lifted up and made to be a superstar among the DJ’s of his prime or of today, yet, he still works to see house heads happy.  Now days Ed works from his radio station show called “The Prayze Cafe”, the show is dedicated to restoration and salvation threw the word and gospel house music.

His influence is huge, and his impact has helped thousands of businesses grow, and thousands of hearts and souls to be restored to strength, wealth and salvation.  His way of reaching people is innovative, but it works.  He never boasts or brags about anything he does, but he continues to keep working for the benefit of people.

When I look upon his character, humbleness and integrity, I see the example of the one and only God he talks about, and that makes Ed alright in my book, and I don’t have that many people in my personal book.

It is an honor now to support Ed Crosby and Farley Keith, and all of the “Hot Mix 5”, in their goal to make sure that Chicago holds and preserves the legacy of House Music and it’s inception here many years ago.  They have begun a 55 million dollar project with the city and state to build a house music museum in the city which will hold items and milestones that will identify with what Chicago and house music has achieved over the years.  They are partnering with RedBull a 4 Billion dollar energy drink company, to celebrate Gospel House, it’s origins and the DJ’s and Singers that helped to grow it in Chicago.

Not to mention the pedigree of these two being some of the biggest names in house music DJ’s of Chicago, they are also some known for having given their lives to Christ and now play Gospel house or some say Spiritual house music everywhere, touching people and working for good causes everywhere.

On Sunday, November 25th, a host of performers, DJ’s and Community, and Touch Music Group will gather together in honor of RedBull’s support in celebrating Gospel House Music in Chicago.  The attached flyer and picture tell it all, for any who want to attend, click the link at the bottom of this “CEO Rant” and join us in celebrating what God has done in Chicago, threw House Music.


Written By – Will Wilson (Touch Music Group President & CEO)

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