We are happy to announce that Cara-Mel (Dana Lawrence), has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Cara-Mel is most impressive, she is a rapper, singer, musician and writer, a teacher and now a recording artist.  You can see her profile here, which will show her versatility, and creative ability, she has also endured thru her own struggles and has emerged a much stronger women, now she is an advocate for women and a staple for equality.

She has now teamed up with Touch Music Group, under the production of UCAS Touch, with a game plan to create a host of music of different styles, with a focus on moving hearts and touching lives.  Cara-Mel may even add some of her own Saxophone playing to the flavor of her tracks as well.  Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B are a mixture of some of the styles of music that will be produced for her, and as she prepares to go on a full time journey of production and performing, we are looking at a bright future for this young lady.

Poze Management and Touch Music Group feels she is a unique and hot brand that will catch fire soon, we believe that too.  Look for some incredible production when her campaign begins, keep your ears open for Cara-Mel.

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