Touch Music Group has made so many changes even I’m confused and in most cases, I’m the one behind the change, but change because of growth is good.  Touch Music Group is doing things on a grander scale, bringing in younger, fresher artist, artist with a desire to make their message to the public known.  It’s often unspoken as to how often artist don’t make a mark on public society, or their vocal skill and performing craft are never really known.

That is not what we want said about our artist, we want them to get a fair chance and opportunity to have a real impact on their community and the world.  We are proud to have some great talent in our 2019 roster, and were looking forward to some incredible music to come from them.  UCAS Touch is planning to collaborate with more people then we ever have, and to make a musical sound with these people unlike we ever have also.

We know how much music means to so many people, and we desire to touch each one of you, and this year we want to hear more from you, because without you, what we do would have no purpose or meaning.  Join us in celebrating the music this year, not just our music but all the GOOD music that you hear.

CEO Rant – By William Wilson

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Rant From The CEO