We met Ethel Nwobo at a conference in Nashville, and found out then that she lived in Dublin, this came as a surprise, to see that she had that kind of determination to travel so far for her purpose and vision, we understood the kind of artist we were talking to at that moment.  Ethel was looking for one thing, the way to get her God-given message to the world in considerable time.

Ethel’s sincerity and drive was easy to see, and this fueled our desire to help her, Ethel’s character, demeanor, and strength make her the kind of person anyone would want to work with.  Not long after her signing with us, she took a flight out to spend some time with us in Chicago, and she was ready.  Ethel completed 9 songs in 4 days, and a full video for one of the songs, in our studio history with the couple of hundred people we’ve worked with, those numbers are at a record level.

Ethel has a strength unknown to many artist, in knowing what she wants and going after it, and not allowing outside influences to taint her desires or belief in what she is doing.  We worked in some personal interview and other things, but she was a trooper throughout the complete process.  We just recently had Ethel come out to our studio in the UK, to touch up for some remixes and new songs with our UK producer Dick Groves.  Ethel by far is one of the hardest working artist on our roster.

Ethel sat down and gave us some insight on what her plans are, who she really is and what she wants to see happen with her music.  Touch Music Group is proud to have Ethel Nwobo, on its Christian roster, and we look forward to some great UCAS Touch, and Dick Groves projects with her.

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