Tarrance has been the fasting growing artist on the roster for the year 2018, we had a blast when he came out to Chicago for some recording and a small church/public performance.  Tarrance is with our Touch Music Group Christian Brand and has been associated with performing in the Christian arena for more than a decade.

Since the time we have come together the game plan was to create lots of music, both positive and Christian based.  We are moving full on in this venture and Tarrance writing is leading the way.  We have only completed and released his first single last month, but were on our way to a regular monthly releasing of singles for him.

Tarrance has a no fear approach when going on stage, he understands the difference in both singing as an entertainer and in singing praise.  We got a chance to get him to sit down and talk to us about where he is and what he wants the public to know.  Were looking forward to producing lots more with this one of kind performing, writing and singing artist.

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