Rick Thomas is a musical prodigy, he is a multi talented individual and we think a musical genius.   Rick has performed on stages with some of the who’s who in the industry, and now embarking on a mission to do his music styles with a new personal band, and to do his own solo work with Touch Music Group, this is more than likely one of the greatest and most difficult times in his life.

Everything he is doing is good, but the work ethic and time it takes is more now than it ever has been before.  Staying in a creative mind set is not easy, and writing songs for constantly new songs is not his greatest element, so the task is high, but he loves what he’s doing.  Touch Music Group is embarking on a total of 36 song project with Rick, and it’s going to take some real effort and commitment.

Rick joined Touch Music Group in 2015, and has been spending most of his time performing locally in and around North Carolina.  He is a seasoned stage performer and is an incredible engineer and mixer, but the skills needed for writing and making fantastic songs is bit different than the one’s he’s primarily been using.  We’ve had the chance to complete a few projects with Rick, but we have not touched the surface of what is to come yet.

Now in 2019, we desire together we can take his performing and add it to his studio production, and take his talent and skills around the world.  We finally got a chance to catch up with the busy recording artist / musician for an interview, to discuss what the future game plan is, and tell the world who he is.

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