Scott Oliver and I have had the pleasure of working with a number of artist over the years, but none like Chloe Clementine, she is a really big voice in a small package.  UCAS Touch has lots of new material coming out with her writing and singing, and she has some collab projects of her and Dick Groves from the UK.

But Chloe is unlike any artist I know, she has an incredible way of writing, she plays multiple instruments, she understands how to convey inspiration and her songs are all relevant to today and tell a story, her story.  When I think of an artist that is one to collaborate with and know that she can help spark any ones creativity, I think of Chloe Clementin.

Her debut release with us was in 2017, titled “Fantasy”, a great collaboration piece with Chloe and Dick Groves, but the album alone doesn’t personify all that she is, nor does it show the years of talent that exists within her, she reminds me of an old soul that has yet to really be explored.  Chloe has extensive vocal rang and control, she has rhythm and passion in her songs, and most of all you believe what she’s saying when she sings.

She has been with us about 3 years, since she left highschool, and she is now a junior in college.  Chloe doesn’t have as much time as she used to, to work on music, but whatever she puts her music hands on has the potential to change people, or as we like to say “Touch People”.  We thought we would release some never before seen footage of her, we ask that you get to know, love and learn about this incredible person and voice.

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