If you have not caught up to this explosive husband and wife team of artist, you are missing something special.  PIIP are creative genius.  They have a style and a flow that is all about truth and awareness, about becoming who you are meant to be and knowing the one who created us.  PIIP have released a few album over the years, their very first debut project was “Just The Beginning“, a bilingual project with tunes like “Show Me The Way” and “Logic Reasons” and a beautiful spanish song titled “Sin Te Yo Nada Puedo Hacer Jesus”.

Then they pushed to show their versatility in their next release in 2015, titled “Land Of The Lost“, as they begin to add CCM Rap to their flow, this album was much stronger with the combined music styles of both Betzaida and Geronimo Santana, Betzaida is the true singer and a strong vocalist, with voice over capability, great vocal control and dynamics in her singing, and then there is Geronimo, who performs for the most part to Christian Rap, he is also a creative voice for their English projects.  On this album they produced songs like; “In Love”, “Hiroshima”, and their smash hit “Lost In Time”.

To expound on their creativity, in February of 2018 the duo created a fantastic collaboration single piece titled “Hold On“, along with a hard hitting and beautiful video for the single.  These tunes and video show just a bit of the flavor and style of this intense couple.  Now that they have joined with Touch Music and have combined their creative abilities with UCAS Touch, the sky literally is the limit.  Please take the time to follow this incredible couple and watch them grow in style and grace even more, check out the below video, (created by the Freelance Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Photography service Reyes Media Productions, owned by “Sheila Reyes” the sister of Bethzaida.) and witness what these two bring to the table and to your ears.

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