Meet the “Architect” Gregory Echols, I have known Greg for at least 15 years, we have worked together off and on over that time, and I have known him to be one of the most well rounded artist I have ever met.  Greg’s whole motivation in music is to make you feel what he is delivering, like the person that builds a home, and hopes that the eventual buyer will want to live there after it’s been built.

Even when he’s not building music for others, he still desires that you love the style, tempo, melody and instrumental flavors he puts in the music.  We finally got a chance to sit and talk with Greg, and talk about where he is on a lot of mental fronts.  He’s not easy to figure out, but he is easy to talk to, and that is where we begin.

The big question was; “what does he want to convey with his music and where does he want it to go with it?”, his answer was simple, he simply wants people everywhere to feel every emotion that he puts in his music.  That’s just it though, he has composed for many people, but the majority of his music has been instrumental and for whatever ear gives it a listen.  We have found that when you try to detail or digest and convey what he is saying or feeling in his music, it often is something you have to ponder on for a while.

don’t get it confused or twisted, we love the sound of Gregory E., and we are so pleased to be able to support his prized label “Make Us One”, under our Touch Music Group Brand, but for us to tell you about his music, just would not do it justice.  See his works of late with us are incredible, from his debut release with us, titled “The New Me”, to his uncompromising further release called “I Was Made Beautiful”, the feel of the music is described only by how it touches the listening ear.  The tempo and the musicianship is so far in advance of the common listening ear that we believe that only the listener should be judging for themselves.

If you don’t fully know Gregory Echols, do yourself a favor watch the interview attached here, then take a listen to his sound and production, and then keep your eyes and ears open for more of his material in the months and years to come.  While your at it, please do Touch Music Group a favor if you would, a blessing even, if you would, send us some feedback about what you think about Gregory Echols, the “Architect”, and his music.

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