This release is another EP from TMG UK, produced and written by TMG UK producer, CEO and engineer, Dick Groves. The songs are special picks chosen by Dick as having great diversity and showcase the range of music coming out of his studio. We first heard the track, ‘Walking’, as we watched the video of Dick recording the drum arrangement, live. We knew it was a goer and had to get the story behind it. Dick said, ‘well the original concept behind Walking goes back a number of years. I wrote it as a homage to James Brown, who was one of my early heroes. It also had some ‘strutty’ lyrics to go with it. It transpired that it was too close for comfort, so it was scrapped. Earlier this year, while I was compiling a large number of tracks for licensing, I came across it. So I completely rearranged it and recorded live drums on the track with a new kit I had bought. With an abundance of funky rhythm guitars, bass line and those famous brass stabs, it still evokes energy and excitement’. ‘Walking’ also benefits from a music video that is light and fun, with a simple concept from Dick’s music performing perspective, take a listen and enjoy!

Regarding the song ‘Sylvia’, Bob said ‘This comes from a mix of two stories. As with most writers we take stories and mix them up a bit. One day I was thinking about this lady, Sylvia that I had known for many years. She was sick and had various problems, but a beautiful spirit and always a smile when we played music for her. Then I’m at a conference and hear this incredible story of a man at a bar and a lady of the night. I think to myself, let’s put these stories together to make one. Added a little extra to make the story sound better, then ‘Sylvia’ was born. Dick worked hard on this one and it came out really nice.

As has been the norm, the project is special and has a unique quality about it. The additional tracks are ‘Patience’ which is a melodic smooth jazz with Dick’s customary twist to it, ‘My Soul’ an acoustic mix of the track written and performed by Chloe Clementine, who also sang on Dick’s track  ‘Who Am I’, a deep and meaningful pop ballad.

Dick Groves Productions, Vol. 1 – (Track List)

My Soul (feat. Chloe Clementine) [Acoustic]
Patience (By Dick Groves)
Sylvia (feat. Bob Lucido) [Americana]
Walking (By Dick Groves)
Who Am I (feat. Chloe Clementine)

Release Information
Artist: Dick Groves
feat. Chloe Clementine
feat. Bob Lucido

Producers: Dick Groves
Title: Dick Groves Productions, Vol. 1
Label: Touch Music Group
Release Date: Sept. 24th, 2019
File Under: Top 40 UK
Catalog Number: TMGUK-09212019
UPC Number: 194759539222
© 2019 Copyright by Touch Music Group
℗ 2019 Touch Music Group Inc. (BMI)
Song Written by: Chloe Clementine
Music Produced by: Dick Groves

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