Bob Lucido from New York, has been with us for some time now, over 4 years I do believe, we got off to a slow start in his early days, but now were in the swing if habit and understanding workflow and production is more fluent.  Bob has always done his collaborations with Dick Groves, our CEO and producer of our UK division in London.  The chemistry is great and the sound has improved well beyond what we expected and our expectation is pretty high.

This being Dick and Bob’s third release, coming after two EP releases that were really strong but still just the developing stages of their collaborative efforts.  This release though has all the makings of elite production and writing.  The new release titled “The Storyteller” is a 9 song CD, and each track has a profound message, songs that are of yesterday and today, that cover multiple genre’s; Blues, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Pop, and Acoustic Pop, just to name a few.

Bob is an extraordinary songwriter, he is able to bring a story to life or lay a hook that makes you think, and even have you singing along with him, like those story writers from the 60’s and 70’s used to do, and Dick brings the songs to life with riffs and runs and rhythm that keeps the tracks strong with a today sound.

We stand by this release with pride, and we believe that you can easily get the message value, worth, fun and remembering those that paved the way for great sound.

The Storyteller (Track List)

Harry (Feat. Bob Lucido)
I Write a Song for You (Feat. Bob Lucido)
Pretty Blue Eyes (Feat. Bob Lucido)
Rainy Day (Feat. Bob Lucido)
I Wish You Love (Feat. Bob Lucido)
Shadows in My Mind (Feat. Bob Lucido)
Story of Your Life (Feat. Bob Lucido)
Strange Dream (Feat. Bob Lucido)
When We Were Young (Feat. Bob Lucido)

Release Information
Artist: Bob Lucido, Dick Groves
Title: R.O.W.S. Vol. 2
Label: Touch Music Group – Exclusive
Release Date: Sept. 21st, 2019
File Under: Top 40
Catalog Number: TMGT40BL-09252019-1
UPC Number: 194759701421
© 2019 Copyright by Touch Music Group
℗ 2019 Touch Music Group Inc. (BMI)
Written by: Bob Lucido
Produced by: Dick Groves

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