We are happy to announce that Lyricallashea (R’mya Demarrco), has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Lyric as we like to call her is most impressive, she is a rapper, singer, and writer, and now a recording artist.  You can see her profile here, and see a bit more of her background and ability.  As of 2019 she is still pushing thru college and is a strong advocate for women and fair treatment all over the world.

UCAS Touch will be doing her production, as she will be writing and recording from the Touch Music Group studios in Idaho, she will have some song and video collaborations with Caleb Cross as well.

Lyricallashea is an artist, that is all about positive influence, she brings the concept of love, confidence, and affection to life, in her music.  She is a charismatic inspiration, and she is a role model, Lyricallashea fosters and uplifts the inner beauty found in every human being.  With empowering lyrics and her universal musical flows, she’s guaranteed to bring the energy to your venue.

Lyricallashea seeks to show women in Hip Hop in a different light, rather than what has been commonly popularized in the media.  Lyricallashea wants to bring class and elegance to her performance and great entertainment via her heavy hitting songs and her cold punch lines.  So “Watch out”, Lyricallashea’s music will make you dance your woes away, while you strut and sway, her music heals the soul, and makes you shimmy, and shake.

If your question is “But who is she really?”, Lyricallashea’s answer in her own words is “I AM”.  To those fans that maybe a bit more curious, she explains, ” I am not perfect by any standard but by creation, I am free to evolve, and share my light.  I am my successes and my failures, and all my losses have been merely lessons in disguise.  I love me on good days and bad days, and I am the energy that flows, cool and soft but yet ferocious and wild.”

Lyricallashea is not your average rapper, she shares her passion with the world in hopes to be a beacon in the dark, that will illumine the path and embrace all souls.  Lyricallashea says “Think about her music and talent like this; if Missy Elliot met Kirk Franklin, had a baby that was taught by Mc Lyte and Tupac, whose neighbors were Lauren Hill and Toni Braxton (she always wanted to sing), that would be the closest thing to what Lyricallashea brings.  But, Look her up, and find out for yourself.


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