New branding seems like an oxymoron, but in actuality it’s the smartest move a business can make when it’s growing.  We have streamlined our distribution for both the fans and our artist, it makes more since to provide and clean and clear look, and the most efficient process for showing your product to the public.

Talking with the fans, and finding out what you guys want and need, is what we are moving all of our social engagement toward finding out.  We are now pushing our sharing platforms and media toward connecting with you, and building stronger relationships with each of you.  Our music now will be shown over a simple basic music associated imprint branding, meaning all the music is officially under the main Touch Music Group Brand, but has a few divisions that help to promote the music styles.

All our Urban, Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Spoken Word will be published as Touch Music Group – Jazz & R&B.  Our Pop, Country, Rock, Rap, and Ballads will be published as Touch Music Group – Top 40.  Our Christian Contemporary, Inspirational, and Gospel will be published as Touch Music Group – Inspirational.  Our final brand of House, EDM, Chill, Soulful House, and Deep House will be published as Touch Music Group – House / EDM.

We believe this branding will allow each of the fans to follow, engage and experience the TMG music as it was intended to be shared, we only desire that the music Touches you, changes you and encourages you.  Without you, the fan, we would only be entertaining ourselves.

Rant From The CEO – Will Wilson

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Rant From The CEO