UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson & Scott Oliver), have come out the proverbial new year gate, extremely strong in their music content.  The strongest of the bunch for this January has been the official release of “Another Day In Him EP”, loved by a few Gospel House Radio stations already, this EP is packed with the original and a few remixes of a hot dance rhythm track, with floor banging synths and a undeniable groove.

Their next best set is the 5 track “R.O.W.S. Vol. 1” EP, featuring our UK producer Dick Groves, the revamped R.O.W.S. imprint, was originally set in 2019 to be the imprint for all the jazz produced at the TMG studios, it has shown itself to be a better exclusive UCAS Touch collaboration project, consisting of sultry and smooth urban jazz, which is not easily found in this day and age.

UCAS has never failed to produce their signature sound of Instrumental worship music every month for 6 years, and this month is no exception with their latest single called “Worship”, a great tune to simply meditate, think, give praise or just listen to.  UCAS Touch also provides a few track productions along with Dick GrovesDick Groves, with accompanying artist Red Starr, I.Q. Redmond, Hybrid The Rapper and Chloe Clementine, on the “Top 40 Compilation EP, Vol. 1”.  The EP has some very special track productions, some real heart touching tracks.

The final single release from UCAS Touch for the month of January, is from our Urban Breakdown imprint, titled “You Are My Destiny”, this single is a steppers groove, a strong reminder of what you can expect on the Urban Breakdown series, great guitar riffs, chords and always with the element of the groove.

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