Touch Music Group Producer / Writer / Musician and Engineer Mr. Dick Groves is no joke, the sheer talent that he possesses is beyond that of most common men.  Blessed is what we call him at TMG Studios, the first of the year is a big deal for us here at the label, and sets the tone of the music for rest of the year.  Dick Groves aims to please when it comes to music, he has been a main feature on many of our releases and now has positioned himself amongst the best in our Corporation.

The year for Dick starts off with “The Storyteller, Vol. 2”, this 11 track CD is both classic Americana and some of the best singer/songwriter music produced in a while.  The CD consists of songs that tell a story, deliver a message of hope or cover a folk tale, told only in the way that TMG artist Bob Lucido does, it’s just something you have to hear to really understand and go on the journey.

Next up for Mr. Groves is “Stage Unplugged, Vol. 1”, one of the newest Series added to the TMG brand.  The first release is all Dick, the EP is a collaboration of sorts, with several of the TMG UK artist from our roster, artist like Bob Lucido, Chloe Clementine, and Jade Titmarsh.  The series is all about acoustic tracks over great songs, most are remixes of originals already on our catalog.

Dick has completed a few tracks on a compilation with UCAS Touch this month also, projects like “Top 40 Compilation EP, Vol. 1”.  As well as a few singles off the TMG Soul brand, titled “Caught My Eye”, and “Why Did You Go”, both featuring Naomi Thompson.

Dick invades EDM for the first time, on the TMG EDM brand and man does he take it home, the strong synths, rhythm cuts and drum rifts, make it clear he has worked at his craft, his latest “What To Do” is a remix of an original, performed by Chloe Clementine, from the TMG UK roster.

Not leaving any of our mainstream music cultures untouched, Dick concludes the month with his own version of some new and some revamped Jazz instrumental tracks, from the TMG Jazz brand, titled “Smooth Jazz EP, Vol. 101”.  These tunes are a work of art, uplifting contemporary jazz, that each tell a story that must be listened to, in order to experience it.

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