We are happy to announce that Steve Bost, has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Steve is a Singer / Songwriter,  and performer, and now a Recording Artist, his genre of choice is Country Pop and Country Rock.  You can see his profile here, and see a bit more of his background and ability.

UCAS Touch will be doing some of the production, along with Touch Music Group Artist / Producer / Engineer Rick Thomas.  Touch is taking the lead in the project, as it is the first recording project for Steve, and completely new ground for him.  Steve will be writing, and recording in the Rick Thomas Studios in North Carolina as well as coming out to the TMG studios in Chicago.  Steve is slated to have some production form UCAS Touch much like the music of Taylor Swift, and they have planned some song and video collaborations with a few artist on the roster as well.

Steve Bost has joined with long time friend and band member Rick Thomas, not just for production options, but also as a Brooks and Dun kind of project collaboration.  Steve brings an energy and vibe to the performance floor and has the appeal needed to keep the ladies shouting for more.  He desires to make his southern Country people, and anyone else that loves his style of music, move on the dance floor.

Steve Bost and Rick Thomas has formed a band that has toured all around North Carolina and performed at nearly every bar and club in the local area.  They are well known for covering over 150 different kinds of songs, from Country, Rock, Pop, some Soul and every line dance you can think of old and new.  There voice Combo and collaboration simply rocks every stage they perform on.

Steve is well liked by the many bands that he honors and respects in his area, and often can be found singing a song or two with them at numerous places near NC.  We here at TMG are looking forward to taking Steve Bost to a national venture, the game plan is to make a bevy of songs (over 30) that we can push to radio and build a strong catalog for touring.  Keep your ears and eyes open for the smooth vocals and smooth country sound of Steve Bost.

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