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About Dick Groves (Producer / Writer)

Dick is a songwriter from the UK, in London.  Dick performed and played in bands for more than 10 years, back in the day.  In 2002 Dick began producing for artists.  Dick’s plan was on creating new songs and lyrics.  Dick sports a vast arsenal of many genres of music and lyrical production styles, ranging from jazz ballads to pop/rock, as well as Chill and Cafe sounds to Radio-friendly tracks.  Dick works with artists from all over the UK, and loves the challenge of creating for the many different styles of each artist he works with.

Over the past three years he has been offered a number of contracts from publishing companies in the USA for a total of 17 songs.  “However sometimes you have to hold out for the right contract (and publisher)!  It turns out that I was right to wait. I am now really looking forward to working with William Wilson at PLG Music Group. With his guidance I am continually striving to improve my craft, and now have a clear focus to achieve my goal of being recognized in the music business as an established (and accomplished) songwriter.”

Haunted (The Video) - by Dick Groves and Chloe Clementine

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Deep Into You (The Video) - by Dick Groves ft. Sid Spooner

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