TMG is happy to have the brand new Alexander Caldwell return to our roster.  Mr. Caldwell seems refreshed and ready to go, in just a month or so he has complete nearly 6 songs, and is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a change of his name and a new born at his side, he sounds and looks better than ever.

The collaborations that are in the works between Alexander and UCAS Touch, will be released on the Urban Breakdown imprint and is some of the best material between them to date.   Plans and action in the works are some collaboration tracks with artist on the label like Chris Hybrid, Jade Titmarsh and more, with UCAS Touch leading the way with its production and musical creations.

We love the reality of Alexanders song writing, down to earth, and right in that comfort zone of Urban music that stands the test of time.  Tune your ears toward the sound and songs of Alexander Caldwell, a true Icon of Soul.

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