TMG is pleased to work with Dick Groves again, this time the focus is on a new licensing deal for Mr. Groves, who has hundreds of songs that need licensing opportunities.  The one time business partner of TMG and long time friend of Will Wilson the CEO of TMG, has come back looking for success options for his music.

This is a great opportunity for TMG, and a super smart move for Mr. Groves.  Dick once said, “I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity and constantly trying to improve my craft”.  TMG plans to help he achieve just that.  Welcome back Mr. Groves, or should we say, “Welcome Home”.

We love the reality of Alexanders song writing, down to earth, and right in that comfort zone of Urban music that stands the test of time.  Tune your ears toward the sound and songs of Alexander Caldwell, a true Icon of Soul.


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