UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson & Scott Oliver), are feeling good about the latest August, 2020 release.  The single LIFE, has a great message and chill style mix, the song entails it’s purpose of positive statements on life, thru it’s lyrical vibes.  Written, composed, produced and sung by UCAS Touch, this song was to lead all songs on the new brand L.I.F.E.

The song is a song of joy and encouragement, on an outlook that we should all have on life, moving forward and staying focused on your goals, and learning to ignore the nasayers.  The making of the song was a tone of fune, as seen from the behind the scenes video recorded by UCAS.  The video shows some of the creation moments for the song, and works and discussion on the track from UCAS themselves.

You can purchase the early release Here on Bandcamp.

— Life - The Making Of

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