Only once in a while do the really great ones come along, and you have to know how blessed you are to have the chance to work with them.  The search in the music industry is always for the next big artist, we at TMG believe we are on the verge of exposing a talent on that level.  Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger, yes, I agree, it’s a mouth full, but his name stands true to his style of rap, singing and songwriting ability.

Hybrid, has founded and worked with the group “Juxtapoze“, he’s worked with the group “Embercast“, he is one of the hosts for “Dubtape TV“, an online radio show, that supports his music.  Chris is also the founder of his own Record Label “Dubetape Records“, that publishes his many music releases and creations from over the years, a total of more than 37 album and EP releases, not counting the current singles he’s done with us.

If nothing else, hybrid is a busy man, we like that he is always honing his abilities and working at his craft, he has worked with a myriad of artist from everywhere, just check his bio with us, a few of our Hybrid artist links and some of the 2016 and 2018 posts we’ve posted about his exploits and opening for Wu Tang, etc, etc.

As TMG begins our renewed contract in 2020, with our good friend and artist colleague, were taking a new turn in his marketing and production.  Our goal is to give him production on a level he has never experienced and build his brand to heights he has always desired, but never obtained.  Starting with the change of his name to Hybrid (The All American Rapper), and giving him a concrete brand identity via TMG, we believe we can turn this one of kind intellectual rapper and singer into a house hold name.

So if you have not committed to any of our links or likes for Hybrid, and if you haven’t began subscribing to any of the pages that connect TMG and Hybrid, then we would suggest you do, so you can make sure you don’t miss some of the great collaboration work being released by TMG & Hybrid, over the next few months.

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