Touch Music Group is proud of our latest end of the summer of 2020 video release, titled “LIFE”.  The video covers the human condition from the creative minds of the artist that composed, wrote produced and sang the song of the same name.  Life itself can be a marry go round of adventure, milestones, mistakes and achievements, and we all have to ride the ride sometimes.

The UCAS Touch experience is a unique one, the TMG main band UCAS, are also the owners of the label, so in addition of having to bare the weight of Covid, they also had to bare the brunt of business decrease and never ending costs, while still undertaking that the show must go on and business must continue.

The goal has always been to serve people and touch their hearts thru music, in order to do that creation and direction and completion had to continue.  The only logical choice was to go all in, and create a new Imprint that would speak to the human condition, this they named LIFE.  This is exactly the reason behind the creation of the video.

We hope you see reflection toward hope, faith, choice, Instruction, integrity, equality, love and basically the human condition, and that you see some symbol of an answer to some of these issues in it’s making.  To us, LIFE is what it’s all about, living, coping, enduring and loving it, while still maintaining peace of mind.

We appreciate the support and follow of any of our social medias, below you can follow the links to find more info on the LIFE release.

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