We have found that less is often more when it comes to music, so we are focusing on our marketing being less spread out, which will allow our fanbase and following to find our product easier.  Along with re-branding for better distribution purpose, we find that promotion thru less social venues will have a stronger impact to the general public also.

Along with some incredible lineups in current negotiations, the future looks very bright for TMG.  We know everyone has suffered this year, from time being stolen to lives being stolen, we endeavor to bring encouragement to your hearts and minds thru the music, and make your days just a bit better.

We invite you to journey to our social site if you have not, link with us, so you make sure your getting all our announcements and information on our latest releases and merch.  We here at the HQ of TMG have been hinting at the new sound and direction of the company, and we would like to say, “Thanks” for being with us these years, and offer the same to those that are newly joining us.  We would like to start a strong community campaign, where you can talk to us and our artist, and we can talk to you, feel free to join our bandwagon as you see fit.  If you want to just look, that’s fine, or if you want to speak out or participate, we want and need your input.

Below is all our current links, and some links to bring you closer to our community.  All our love to every single one of you.

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