Ed Crosby has been a mainstay, good friend and starting radio station supporter for Touch Music Group since 2005.  No working around it, we owe our thanks to Ed Crosby for all he has done for the music community starting way back in the late 80’s.  From his DJ’ing skills that made many of us dance to the joy of the Chicago House music sound to the many hearts of people all over that he now touches with even better music thru his radio station “the Prayze Cafe”.

The Prayze Cafe is Ed’s personal radio show, that provides local Christian support, music, advertising and Marketing that airs over a terrestrial Radio station called 1570 AM WGBX, Chicago.  On a personal note Ed was the friend and business advisor that helped to establish Touch Music Group, and without his support along with a few of his friends we would not be where we are today as a corporation.  Now we have come around to a time of celebration for Ed and his business, and I for one believe he deserves to celebrate this full year.

Ed has posted some of his celebration and show, and he has featured some videos from over the years that he has compiled from his many friends and associates, and you can see them here.  Ed was kind enough to feature some of Touch Music Groups videos on his show as well.  He has featured some mixes from Will Deephouse Wilson and many of the Spiritual House songs released by TMG also.  We owe a debt of thanks to Ed an his team over the years and he will always be a part of the TMG family, and my personal friend.

Congratulations ED Getdown Crosby, for all the hard work over the years, and all your success, know that we love you and hope you have 14 more years in the business.

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