With the success of TMG Life having such a strong impact on our brand and following, we new it was time to push the new branding that has been on the table since the start of 2020.  TMG took down much of the releases that were out, to bulk up the brands sound and increase consumer awarness and all around improve the sound.

The production team has taken a new look at it’s quality composition, the position of the company and it’s look.  We have reached a production plateau that is unrivaled by any other year we have been in business.  The purpose behind the music for us is making it’s way into the hearts and ears of our listeners now, and that is the most important impact for us, Touch Music wants to Touch people thru it’s music.

The imprints will begin to make their mark immediately, releases will reflect the new branding and sound in November 2020.  We have streamlined our Social Media to better reflect the music direction and make it easy for the consumer to follow all of our products, publishing and production.

New brands as listed:

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