Writers that easily and clearly write lyrics with deep meaning don’t come around much, nor to often, but this lady has it all, every bit of feeling in the words she uses to convey her meaning throughout every thing she’s trying to convey.  TMG has never been more proud of the dynamic song writer “Denese Chen”.

This lady runs circles around most writers, she has an uncanny knack for delivery, style, cadence, lyric content and top end.  All of the things that really and truly great artist understand about song writing.  “There is so much more to writing than many people understand or even think about”, says Touch Music Group CEO “Will Wilson”.

She has already begun a body of work that will proved to be incredible, at least that’s what we believe, ultimately the public and the industry have to decide how they see the projects, but we believe in her and her talent.

Take a look at her Bio here

Denese Chen 2020
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