Sion Vosi is a rare talent, he sounds like the rappers of today, with their melodic vocals and reality rap, that seems to always have a sway, with most of the songs having some feelings of soul and R&B, with deep tones and rhythm that rocks you through the whole song.  C1 as he likes to be call as his stage name, is one of the newest signed artist on the TMG roster.

Sion lives in Idaho, one of the most unlikely places you would expect to find a talent like him.  Yet, he is Idahoan through and through, so says his daily farming.  Even though we consider him still in development, he is a raw talent with the potential to be one of the best in the business.  Sion has completed a cadre of singles, some produced and some simply posted on soundcloud.

The TMG goal is to take him and his talent to the next level.  He has the talent and skill to align his voice with many genre of music, he has a following as well, want to make this grow and show who he is to the world.

Take a look at his Bio here

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