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Touch Music Group is a testimony of faith.  Touch Music Group the Corporation is the brain child of William Wilson, which started in 2005, as a House Music and Gospel House label established by William and Al “Hot Mix” Holmes, under the name Pathway Records.  The label hosted 16 artist over the next 5 years, providing music production and performing opportunities for its artist at local events in the Chicago-Land area.   The success of the label was it’s local influence and neighborhood fellowship building effect in the community.

The years of 2011 and 2012 were recorded as financial loses of over 100, 000 in music production costs and artist publishing investments, which caused an ownership change in the company.  By a walk of faith, Will Wilson never gave up believing that the label was destined to become something greater.  In late 2012, Will connected with Scott Oliver and developed a merger, and the two men established a new brand and new direction for the Corporation, and called it Touch Records, which later evolved into Touch Music Group.

TMG’s special mix of music is lead by the production team of UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson and Scott Oliver), TMG has expanded its purpose and mission by supporting artist, producers, musicians and writers throughout the world, in places like London, Italy, Bulgaria and all over the US.  We hope to be a label where creative comfort can be established for artist that believe in themselves and their God given gifts.

We serve people thru music

We desire to be a home to growing artists, musicians, writers and producers.  We promote and market our music via; Music Sales, Marketing, Radio Promotion. We focus our outreach in generating consumer awareness for artists, labels, and brand partners.

Our infrastructure utilizes Online Publicity, Creative Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Fan Engagement, Advertising, and Brand/Partnership Marketing. We set up artist releases from start to finish, seeking every marketable option available for the genre. Options like; Direct to store distribution, online sales and promotion, retail exclusives, radio submits and licensing options.

About Our Brand

We Are Touch Music Group

Our Mission is to stay committed to musical creation & entertainment from a modern day perspective, and our Vision is to see individual hearts and minds repaired thru music.  Our catalog of positive recordings covers every genre known to man, and we utilize the services of some of the best in the industry to assure our product and roster receive the best opportunities available.  We provide market share partnerships with our roster to ensure that each roster member holds some ownership of their projects they help to create.

Touch Music Group was created to release quality music that motivates and encourages thought and action, music that tells the truth, and music that honors God.  Touch Music Group is a label that artists, writers and musicians can join as an avenue, in supporting the music brand in conjunction with their own styles of music.  We keep a professional approach in the styles we agree to release, while maintaining a clean and positive music standard.

TMG Produces music styles like; Urban / Jazz / Pop / EDM / House / and modern Christian music.  TMG’s brand has serviced and partnered in entertainment for many local and abroad townships, the Chicago Children’s After School Program, Chicago City Alderman, Radio Host – DJ Edward Crosby, Farley Keith, world wide Christian Ministry touring company Xtreme Tours (Ted Brunn), Several Radio Jocks and a host of others.

TMG has produced and released over 1000 tracks, and has worked with well over 300 artists, producers, musicians and writers.  Touch Records has artist spanning the globe in multiple countries.  Touch Records is looking forward to staying the course and truly serving God, by Serving People Thru Musi

Our Distribution

We invest in a Global Distribution

Our process of distribution works on and with the trending industry resources; from in store kiosks to XFM radio, as well as covering cell phone and device streaming options. We supply every option possible for every outlet we can network with around the world.  We offer dedicated pitches and creative promotions to extend our reach. We connect with fans via video streams, email, listening parties and more.

We promote and grow sales by creative release strategies, from custom compilations and playlists, to direct-to-consumer campaigns and premium bundles. Our sales exclusives, pre-orders and flexible pricing via our personal sales sites allow us the platform to drive your sales, by marketing at a price that 3rd party sales sites can not.

Distribution to iTunes, Google Play & More!
iTunes Daily Trending Reports
Chart Eligibility (Billboard, UK Charts)
Social Marketing Tools, Fan Outreach

Our Marketing

Our Marketing & Publishing

We work hands on with our clients to help build a marketing campaign, using tools like; photography, music videos, online marketing, social networking management, forum building, social networking, video/image sharing, web analysis/analytics, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, internet banner advertising, banner design, podcasting, brand identity, literature creation, press releases, biography building, broadcast promotion, direct mail and radio promotion, this is a key step for all who want true success for their music and career in the music industry.

We use major marketing to promote your product, build brand awareness and develop exposure.  Press Kits and Biographies are also essential promotional tools, we provide press kits, posters, one-sheets, personal write-ups, video and radio interviews, and some merchandise.

CD covers, mastered sound, distribution, copyrights, registrations and licensing.  We establish a secure project plan, We develop a Project Sales Process, We determine digital and physical sale sites and locations, we access the marketing demographics, and begin seeking licensing opportunities.  We submit projects to terrestrial radio stations, both national and international.  We marketing to online magazines, promoters, web casters, and social networking sites.

We record, and develop and edit music videos, interviews, showcases and performances.  We provide our own personal digital store, which offers our music, merchandise and you; stronger options for sales and a platform to draw direct fan base support.  We copyright your material with the US copyright office.  We assist you in registering with a Professional Organization, We register your project with Neilson Sound Scan for all P.O.P.  We also register your music with Sound Exchange to account for any radio BDS.

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Our Story