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Scott Oliver

Founder, CMO, Owner

Producer, Composer, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Teacher, Musician

Scott was born in Chicago, Illinois and has been performing in many capacities within the music industry for more than 30 years. Scott Oliver is a multitalented Christian Minister.  As of 2018, Scott functions as a Musician, Music Director, Vocal and Choral Trainer, Songwriter, Song Arranger, Music Composer and Producer.

Scott was introduced to Church performing at an early age, from his father who was himself a renowned Sax player.  Scott began taking Piano lessons at age 4, and had the incredible ability and aptitude to learn how to direct choirs, at such a young age.  Scott also trained and developed his musician skills by learning to play Clarinet, Alto and Baritone Sax, from age 10 to 16.  Scott practiced and performed in Church bands and in his high school, and at the age of 18 was asked to Direct and Lead his Church choirs.

Scott continued to cultivate his skill at Western Illinois by becoming a musician for Echoes of Grace Choir and the Heritage Ensemble In 1989, Scott was then employed by North Central College in Naperville, Illinois and became the first Musician and Vocal Trainer for the newly formed Naperville Christian Contemporary Gospel Choir.

In 1990, Scott became the Organist and Vocal Trainer for several groups and Churches in Chicago, Illinois.  Scott was employed at Moody Bible Institute and became one of the first Musicians and Vocal Trainers for the Moody Gospel Choir in 1992.  In 1995, Scott was hired to be the Musician and Vocal Trainer for Reba Church, in Evanston, Illinois, and to lead the newly formed group, Reba Praise, who recorded a self-entitled CD just 2 years later.

In 1997, Scott became the Organist and Vocal Trainer for “Michael Ford and New Joy”, he was asked to work with the group to compose a self-entitled Live CD project.  In 2006 Scott formed his own production company called “Solover Music”. Scott’s company specialized in Jazz and Gospel Music production, and the Training and Development of other Singers and Musicians.

In 2012, Oliver was given the opportunity to partner with William Wilson then the owner of Pathway Records, to form a new Corporation called the “Touch Music Group”, a music label based on producing great music for the World, while assisting, developing, and producing for artists, musicians, and producers, with the goal to teach, grow and dramatically increase the artistry skills and potential of every person that joins the label.

Scott along with William Wilson, has Written, Arranged, Composed, and Co-Produced for the entire Roster of TMG, and has supplied the label with more than 80% of the music distributed.

The desire of TMG is to serve people thru music, by touching and growing the hearts of every listener, from every walk of life, whether they be believers or non-believers, throughout the World.  We want to bring joy and celebrate Salvation, Truth and Positivity thru inspirational Music and Lyrics in song.

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