Wilson New Facial 2020

William S. Wilson

Founder, CEO, Owner

Producer, Composer, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Teacher, DJ/MC

Born in Chicago, Will’s career developed from a family of musicians and dancers, Will found his love for music early on, from what good music does to your soul.  Learning Trumpet, Guitar, the Art’s and singing, was expected from a family founded on Christian Faith and Evangelism, and it helped to have a Trumpet playing uncle sharing the experience as he played in Sam Cook’s, and Johnny Taylors Band.

Will Wilson is a singer, songwriter, Mobile DJ, Remix DJ, Engineer and Producer.  He is the Founder of PLG Music Group, Celebrate Grace Recordings and Co Founder of Touch Music Group.  Will has worked with many producers from all over the world, Producers like; Scott Oliver, Matt Carter, DJ Def Cut Don, Mike Kelly, Adrian Rodgers, Gregory Echols, Myles Tate III, Jay Juniel, Ivan Q. Redmond.

As CEO and Executive Engineer, Will is responsible for the Direction, Process and Function of the company, he is also responsible for the Recording, Engineering, Mixdown and Mastering of all the music and artist for all of the label brands, under Touch Records Music Inc.  Will shares co responsibility for Music Composition, Vocal Arrangement, and accepted tracks for Publishing, with Scott Oliver.

Will has worked with over 150 artist and growing, since 2005 under the Touch Music Group Corporate Brand.  The label and Will’s production have always been diverse, to accommodate the artist he’s worked with, and their many different styles of music.  Music styles like; Gospel House, House, Soul, R&B, Rhythm & Praise, etc.

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