Woo Wee, were going to keep it real today, we are so proud of this newly signed artist, out of New York, the beautiful “Arye Harmony”.  Harmony has amassed a wealth of talent and skill, and she’s worked at some content creation for some of her previous releases.  She’s a strong writer that understands hooks and rolling vocally within the bed of her tracks, and has deep mindful meaning in her songs.  She’s worked at building some marketability, and has an article on “Curious Cat Blog” and a few other places, these have garnered a positive growth in fanbase for her desired direction.

She likes songs that become evergreen and she’s always looking for hot tunes to vibe too.  We are in full swing in productivity for her in 2021, yet we have licensed her previous releases and we look forward to getting some of her hot numbers out to you as we speak.  If your a fan of ours we are making a few of her tracks available to stream free now, if you follow the link ahead.  Some of her debut EP release titles are: “Magic Love” a strong R&B track, which was the second single from her EP “Testing The Waters”, that has an authentic video to support it.

“Red” another R&B release from the same EP, that has an artsy and fantastic video to support it as well, some of these songs have experienced great Spotify downloads that show the support of listeners that love her material.

Harmony’s projects show the diversity of this lady and make it clear for us all why her name is Arye Harmony.  TMG and the production team and artist UCAS Touch have already planned some remixes of some of her previous tunes, which will go out long before the EP and the Future album that she has is currently working on.  Look for the powerful vibes and voice of this women in 2021.

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