She is a chart topper, she has the looks of a Goddess, she has the skill of a million dollar hand made watch maker when it comes to how she arranges her songs, if you don’t yet know this women, let us introduce her to you, the incredible “Deanne Matley”.  We love this lady, maybe a bit to much, because were introducing her own personal release that was in the making as we signed her, so we thought it would make since to let her complete what she was doing.  Considering that her release has no bearing on our earnings with her, because we are not publishing the music.  But she is so good and talented that it doesn’t matter, so it’s a done deal, we love her, way to much, and that’s acceptable, so here is some info on what to look for from Deanne.

Deanne Matley’s Upcoming Newest Single, set to release FridayFebruary 12, 2021“Makin’ Whoopee” is a classic jazz/blues tune from 1928 written by Gus Kahn (lyrics) and Walter Donaldson (music).  Although originally referenced for celebrating a marriage, Makin’ Whoopee has become another term for Getting Freaky, Doing the Wild Thing, Dancing in the Sheets, and, yes, even Schnoodlypooping! It has been covered by many greats such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and of course, who can forget, Michelle Pfeiffer’s version in the film “The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Montreal legend George Doxas recorded Deanne’s original arrangement at Boutique de Son, Montreal, QC with Taurey Butler on piano, Morgan Moore on upright bass, and Richard Irwin on drums. Smooth and sensual with a little bit of sparkle and an easy swing, this version may just encourage a little more “dirty dancing” in the kitchen.

The Roarin 20s of the past meets the Roarin’ 20s of today. As performing has been put on hold, Deanne is grateful to have had the opportunity, between lockdowns, to get in the studio and collectively create with her fellow musicians, masks and all.

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