Kori could be titled as an old school music producer, but he is our friend, and we know him for thinking like us, we like it all, new and old.  We are happy to have Kori back with us, and newly resigned to TMG.  Kori has tones of talent and skill, from playing guitar in a band for multiple years, a recording vocalist, a song writer, a sought after musician and now adding to his repertoire, he also will become a producer that composes music for licensing.

Kori is a faith led man, and believes that everything he does serves a purpose for humankind, imagine that another person that wants to touch people thru music.  Kori’s first capacity will be to work with our producers toward building a larger catalog for our licensing brand.  We are also pulling on Kori to compose for the public and do tunes of collaborations with us.

Make sure to catch some of the Kori included tunes that are coming out soon, he musically with be all over the place, on all kinds of songs.

Catch his Bio here.

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