Country in all it’s forms has grown to become a mainstay in American music, we are proud of our newest signing, with Lauren.  She is a Pop/Country singer and writer, her talent is unmatched, she has incredible vocal control, and the looks to compare with some of the very best classy women that has strutted thru the Country scene.

We are looking to do some very cool sounds with her and bring her talent and skill to view of the listening public.  She loves music that has a purpose and theme, some artist that inspire her are Lennon Stella (Kissing Other People), and songs like “Dont Start Now” by Dua Lipa, all the way to songs like Rich by Maren Morris.

She can do it all, while making us all smile.  Please make sure to keep up with this lady, we will connect you with her as often as possible, and keep you posted and updated.  If you have not joined our email list please do so, so you dont miss the very exciting music coming your way.

“Lauren Ashley Autrey is coming in strong with some new country music that will paint a picture and make you feel the emotion in her lyrics. Lauren is more than just a typical singer/songwriter that grew up in Florida /Alabama.  She is a true artist and performer that has spent her entire life singing, dancing, writing songs and teaching herself how to play guitar.

Find all of her Links Here.

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