We love the brand representation of Arye Harmony, from her modeling to her fun Vlog Podcasts, she is a force and brand to be reckoned with.  Arye’s skill on the Mic is just as strong and professional as everything else she does, and we aim to make that known in the music industry and world.

We are happy to fire up this month of March with announcing that Touch Music Group has closed a deal with Arye to help push the brand of Arye Harmony the songstress.  She can sing and write to songs of many styles, from Soul to Rock, to Jazz ballads, even some well needed and loved House Music.

The acquisition of the Arye Harmony Catalog will allow Touch Music Group to promote and push her Catalog, and grow her brand into sync licensing for TV and Movie Media.  If you have not had a chance to hear some of her music, check out the links and sharing sources below.  Also keep your ears open to the many new tracks we are working on with Arye.

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