Will Deephouse Wilson(God's Soldier On The Turntables)

About UCAS Touch


UCAS Touch, is the artist / production name for Scott Oliver and Will Deephouse Wilson, the name “UCAS” means Unified Collaboration and Solidarity, the music and composition is a merging of the organic music world, and the electronic engineering world, fused with DJ style Remixing, simply formed to create good, happy music in several genres.  We call it music from the heart which is designed simply for people to enjoy, like a good music initiative.  We want to impact people all over the world with great music. We want our music to be played at parties, and all kinds of social events.  We endeavor to create high quality, music that is people focused, radio ready and DJ friendly.  UCAS has collaborated with over 60 musicians, artists and producers, endeavoring to Touch the world with our musical gifts, we believe given by God.

The forming of UCAS, developed from Will Wilson and Scott Oliver joining to reform a music label that needed dedicated work, a refined vision and goals it could complete.  The new planning and process brought people who simply wanted to achieve.  “It’s not about where were from, it’s about where were going!” – Will Wilson  Great Production, Modern Intervention, Compositions with grooves and Top Engineering, are some of the things needed to create great music and establish a impressive brand.  We desire a sound that lasts forever, and to deliver messages that are alive, good and encouraging.  Together having 40 + years of music experience and diverse understanding of music, we believe we are able to achieve the classic long living sounds of music you never grow tired of hearing, along with the standard appeal of music today.

UCAS Touch has worked hard at it’s brand of music, and has been responsible for the production and composition of 80% of Touch Music Group’s distributed catalog.  The team of Touch Music Group has been proud to have some great producers accompany it’s ranks along the way, since 2012.  We are proud to mention working with Dick Groves, Rick Thomas, Caleb Shepard, and Antonio Resende.  You can look forward to many great tunes from this music creation duo, from Christian Contemporary, to Jazz, and from House to EDM, as well as R&B, Urban, Lite Rock, Pop and Soul, all these genre’s with positive lyrics or some story of the human experience.  We like to call the music we make timeless, we believe our talent is a gift from God, and so we share it with the world, and serve people thru music.

My music has its own style, I can’t compare it to nobody! I have nothing but love for those who support my grind and believe in me and what I can bring to the table.  Stay with me, my goal is to light up the music game.

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