The Revealer Band started in 1985 with Dan and Kori Cira, they soon after brought in some friends like George Williams, and Mark Finkin.  The band has produced for more than 30 years, and they have performed for more than 20.  Touch Music Group has just released their Anthology, to simply reminisce the music they made in the yester years that was never released.  The release will be fully available in mid June, in all your local online music stores.  You can listen to and pick up their music in our private store, or catch it anywhere next month.

Dan Cira – Drummer
Kori Cira – Vocals, Guitarist, Writer
Mark Finkin – Keyboards and Vocals
George Williams – Vocals

We got a chance to interview Danny, Kori, and Mark, and here is what they had to say.

Dan says ‘I was personally into Jazz 12 years before becoming saved in 1981, and I really didn’t know what to do with all my Jazz experience soon after, because I wanted to be careful of the style and type of music I would continue to produce.   One day my brother Kori started writing some Christian songs,  that in my opinion, turned out to be really good and he asked to join him and see what what we could do in adding our own style and brand of music with these kind of vocals.  We both had not played any music together at all up to that point.  It turns out 36 years later we are still making music together and are enjoying It to this day.”

Kori says “Having grown up with a brother that has been a great drummer, I the younger brother had some musical growing up to do.  One day I played some tunes I wrote for my brother Dan and he said not bad.  That was the day Revealer was born.  Many years later and many more tunes we stand united in Christ and our musical expression of our faith.

Mark Finkin says “As one of the newer members of Revealer, I missed the early days of formation, but enjoyed jumping into the tracks that were laid in my lap in 1993.  I spent every waking moment I could coming up with parts I thought should have been there from the start.  This effort seemed to compliment the vision and after spending a few sessions with Revealer they gave me a warm welcome to step into the future with this brave band of spiritual warriors.  This led to an invitation to co-write and submit my own compositions as well as trying to bring just enough icing on the cake to compliment the songs in our ever expanding catalog.  Through multiple recording projects and live events, I believe that I have learned how to support our unique signature sound, while resting in the Holy Spirit to reveal the spiritual significance of each song.  Almost thirty years later I’m still hard at work making the most of what God has called me to do among the brethren, while looking forward to what God has in store for us in these latter days.

Release Information
Band: Revealer
Artist/Composers: Dan Cira, Kori Cira, George Williams, Mark Finkin
Feat: Steve Atwood, Tommy Ford, Don Lutzy, Chris Diefendorf, Debbie Tai, James Carter, Bob Boyer, Marva Rockford, Nick Sanders, David Fultz

Title: Revealer – Anthology of Love
Label: Touch Music Group
Release Date: May, 2021
File Under: Christian Jazz
Catalog Number: TMGAC-050820221
UPC Number: 793519148850
© 2021 Copyright by Touch Music Group
℗ 2021 Touch Music Group Inc. (BMI)

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