I’m So Blue right now!!

Well it’s official we are blue, that is Magdalene blue. We’re so looking forward to some new releases from Magdalene blue. ucas touch is hot in production on some new tracks for her, with strong songs, great lyrical content and quality grooves.  Quality artists come around only once in awhile, often they don’t even know how good they are, I think this one knows but she’s smart enough to keep it to herself.

The production team has talked hours about this, and our goal is to put some heavy music weight, skill, time and effort, behind her next releases from us.  Touch music group hopes you partner and join with us in making her success all the better. Follow her, connect with her, and listen to her, she’s truly a woman that has something solid to say and can entertain you while she’s doing it check out Magdalene blue.

Rant From The CEO – Will Wilson

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Rant From The CEO