TMG had the chance of having Magdalene Blue live in the studio working on some up and coming tunes, and we thought to ask her about her latest release and where her mind was when she created it.  We got a surprise when she explained what was in her head, but we will cover that with you in just a minute.

We knew there were some heavy hitter musicians on the project and we wanted to make sure we made mention of them to you;

drums: Iris Martínez
bass guitar: Rufino Vigil (music), Fonso Pais (video)
electric guitar: Agustín Quiñones
acoustic guitar: Andy da Silva (music), Magdalene Blue (video)
saxophone: Manu Velasco
piano: Andrés Alonso
back-up vocals: Gelete Coto, Manu Velasco,  Fonso Pais
song and lyrics: Magdalene Blue
music production: Sonámbulos
sound engineer: Andy da Silva

— About the Path Less Traveled
— About the Path Less Traveled in Spanish

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