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Touch Music Group is a testimony of faith.  The Corporation has been around since 2005, established as a Positive and Spiritual House Music label.  The original founder is DJ Will Deephouse Wilson.  Will always believed over the years that the label was destined to become something great.  Will and Scott Oliver joined in 2012, and established a new brand for the label, and called it Touch Music Group.

TMG is now a music production label, and a foundation building development house for artist, musicians and writers.   Our team of professional producers compose the majority of the music that the label publishes.  We are a label where creative collaboration and comfort can be established for series artist that believe in themselves and their God given gifts.  We believe that serving and entertaining all people of all ages, thru music, is a great honor.  It is the TMG Mission.

We focus our outreach in generating consumer awareness for artist brands, music product, and promotional merchandise.  Our publishing infrastructure utilizes Online Publicity, Creative Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Fan Engagement and Advertising, all to build a value toward Brand/Partnership with the artist  and Licensing  value.  We Produce the music as well as set up artist releases from start to finish, then we seek every marketable option available for the genre. Utilizing Options like; Direct to Store Distribution, Online Sales and Promotion, Retail Exclusives, Radio Submits, Shows, and Artist Performances.

Born in Chicago, Will’s career developed from a family of musicians and dancers, Will found his love for music early on, from what good music does to your soul.  Learning Trumpet, Guitar, the Art’s and singing, was expected from a family founded on Christian Faith and Evangelism, and it helped to have a Trumpet playing uncle sharing the experience as he played in Sam Cook’s, and Johnny Taylors Band.

Will Wilson is a singer, songwriter, Mobile DJ, Remix DJ, Engineer and Producer.  He is the Founder of PLG Music Group, Celebrate Grace Recordings and Co Founder of Touch Music Group.  Will has worked with many producers from all over the world, Producers like; Scott Oliver, Matt Carter, DJ Def Cut Don, Mike Kelly, Adrian Rodgers, Gregory Echols, Myles Tate III, Jay Juniel, Ivan Q. Redmond.

As CEO and Executive Engineer, Will is responsible for the Direction, Process and Function of the company, he is also responsible for the Recording, Engineering, Mixdown and Mastering of all the music and artist for all of the label brands, under Touch Records Music Inc.  Will shares co responsibility for Music Composition, Vocal Arrangement, and accepted tracks for Publishing, with Scott Oliver.

Will has worked with over 150 artist and growing, since 2005 under the Touch Music Group Corporate Brand.  The label and Will’s production have always been diverse, to accommodate the artist he’s worked with, and their many different styles of music.  Music styles like; Gospel House, House, Soul, R&B, Rhythm & Praise, etc.

Scott was born in Chicago, Illinois and has been performing in many capacities within the music industry for more than 30 years. Scott Oliver is a multitalented Christian Minister.  Scott functions and teaches as a:  Musician, Music Director, Vocal and Choral Trainer, Songwriter, Song Arranger, Music Composer and Producer.

Scott's father was a renowned Sax player, and started Scott on the Piano at 4, Scott would go on to even direct choirs, and learn to play the Clarinet, Alto and Baritone Sax, from age 10 to 16.

Scott practiced and performed in Church bands and in his high school.  At the age of 18 he was asked to Direct and Lead his Church choirs.

Scott cultivated and harnessed his skill at Western Illinois, joining bands and Choirs.  In 1990, Scott became the Organist and Vocal Trainer for several groups and Churches in Chicago, Illinois.  Scott was employed at Moody Bible Institute and became one of the first Musicians and Vocal Trainers for the Moody Gospel Choir in 1992.  In 1995, Scott was hired to be the Musician and Vocal Trainer for Reba Church, in Evanston, Illinois, and to lead the newly formed group, Reba Praise, who recorded a self-entitled CD just 2 years later.

In 2012, Scott joined the PLG label, and soon after became a Corporate partner with William Wilson, together they co founded “Touch Music Group”, a music label based on producing great music, while composing, developing, and sharing the finished product with the artist, musicians, and writers signed to the label.

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