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About Us

About Us

Touch Music Label Group

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William Wilson

CEO / President

Will Wilson is a singer, songwriter, Mobile & Remix DJ, Engineer and Producer. He is the Founder of Touch Music Group, and has worked with producers from all over the world. As CEO and Executive Engineer, Will is responsible for the Direction, Process and Function of the company, The label has worked with more than 250 artists since 2005.

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Scott Oliver

CMP / Chief Music Producer

Scott is a Musician, Music Director, Vocal and Choral Trainer, Songwriter, Song Arranger, Music Composer and Producer. Scott cultivated and harnessed his skill at Western Illinois. Scott was employed at Moody Bible Institute and became one of the first Musicians and Vocal Trainers for the Moody Gospel Choir. Scott & William co found “Touch Music Group”.

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  • Commercial and Licensing music production
  • 20 + years of music composition
  • Equal music market sharing
  • Truthful music that honors God
  • Release only clean music
  • Online Publicity, Social Media Marketing
  • Fan Engagement and Advertising
  • Generate  consumer awareness

Years of 2005 - 2008

Touch Music Group is a testimony of faith.  Established in 2005, as a Positive and Spiritual House Music label, then called Pathway Records.  The original founders were DJ Will Deephouse Wilson and Al Hotmix Holmes.  Using Chicago local artist to breed it’s music, and working with Chicago greats like, DJ Farley Keith, and Ed Getdown Crosby, from the Hot Mix five, the label was a part of lots of local house parties and had a few tracks on the local Chicago radio.  The label received sponsorship from local bars and clubs and DJed live events in support of growing the label and exposure. 

Over the next 4 years the label broke ground on a new 5 room office in the Chicago suburbs, and grew in branding, which helped it to farm more artist, providing production and light distribution for them.  After long standing residencies ended in 2008, the label had to turn to a stronger provision for income and sponsorship.  Will Wilson took over the leadership and began looking for new ways to grow the label.

Years of 2008 - 2011

Will brought in other producers and artist to strengthen the brand, PLG began servicing in partnership entertainment for many local and extended townships.  PLG serviced for the Chicago Children’s After School Program, Chicago City Alderman, and many local ministries.  The label spent the next few years heavy in music production, Will teamed up with well known producers like; Matt Carter, IQ 120 / Quincy Redmond, DJ Clear, and more.

The label hosted 14 artist for more than 3 years, performing and entertaining throughout the Chicagoland area.  The label hosted it’s own DJ school and taught basic sound and DJ skills to many park districts.  Will always believed over the years that the label was destined to become something great, what it needed was a home base type establishment, and to move in a desired specific direction.

Years of 2012 - Now

All of 2011 was a blur, three office changes in one year, having to make major changes in the production teams, and losing some 4 and 5 year artist to health and travel distance.  Will walked by faith and believed that the answer was near.  Scott Oliver was a well established musician and writer, and long time choir trainer, and minister.  Will and Scott Oliver joined in late 2012, and established a rebranding of the label, and called it Touch Music Group.

NOW – TMG is now a music production brand and label, functions as a foundation building development house for artist, musicians and writers.   We are a label where creative collaboration and comfort can be established for serious artist that believe in themselves and their God given gifts.  We believe that serving and entertaining all people of all ages, thru music, is a great honor.  It is the TMG Mission.

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