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Meet Arye, originally from Alabama, she has been singing and songwriting since the 4th grade, early on she loved to rap, and then she gradually moved to singing.  In high school she began to self-study different genres such as R&B, Pop, Rock, Neo Soul, Hip-hop, Oldies, Rap, Jazz, this played a major part in her winning talent shows.

Arye has been influenced by artist such as Whitney Huston, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Carrie Underwood, LL Cool J, Frank Sinatra, Tamia, and Floetry, just to name a few.  Arye considers herself to be a well rounded multi genre vocalist.  Eventually her passion for development moved her from Alabama to New York where she hoped to focus more on her music and vocals.

Arye began to make a name for herself in the New York music industry, and building fan following.  Arye went on to release her first EP, creating a supporting video called “Red”, which received 17,000 views, she also performed and hosted her first true concert release party.  Arye also released a solo single titled “I Need Your Body”, this song was popular in Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Arye has also created her own brand called “Wildchild Goddess”, which has been turning heads and capturing more fans.  Arye is always willing and eager to learn, she has a wonderful heart, a beautiful personality, and a great voice to match.

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