Bob Lucido was born in the tenth month, of 1946, in Brooklyn, NY.  He later moved to and was raised on the Lower East side of Manhattan.  Since that time, his life has been filled with stories of Survival, Love, and Music.  To list his accolades, would be tales of Rock & Roll bar bands throughout the northeast United States, but It’s not his list of credentials that makes him special.

Bob is a survivor. He has survived 4 musical decades, while raising a family, coming back from a heart attack, and continually pursuing his music.  He has performed hundreds of concerts with various musicians.  In the middle of it all, he found his purpose in Christ.  To know Bob, is to know his music & and to know his heart. His songs are that of passion, stories of Love, and honest words of hopeful truth. He makes music for the rest of us!

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Pretty Blue Eyes (Video) – Featuring Bob Lucido and Dick Groves

Bob Lucido

Classic and Folky, one of the best song writers in many years.