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Recording Artist, Chloe Clementine began her singing career at the tender age of 10, whereupon she was given her father’s old guitar and began to teach herself how to play. Within no time, she had developed a passion for singing & writing and began to use her guitar as an accompaniment. Throughout her school life, Chloe became involved more in music, joining and becoming a member of various choirs and bands.

She began learning the drums and throughout her time at school played in over 4 bands, playing the drums, guitar and lead vocals. During this time Chloe performed at many gigs and large events with various different groups, culminating to her last year, where she performed in front of her largest audience to date, an audience of over 700 people.

Chloe understood the importance of the experience she gained from playing and performing a variety of different instruments, she decided that nothing was more important and exciting than becoming a lead vocalist, doing this was a feeling she could not explain or replace.

As fate would have it, one of Chloe’s colleagues recommended her to a local producer named Dick Groves. Chloe arranged a visit at the Oak’s Studio, and as soon as Dick heard Chloe’s voice, he knew that she had a natural, pitch-perfect vocal talent. they then recorded a demo of Chloe’s original songs and immediately sent them to Touch Records head office in Chicago. William Wilson agreed with Dick’s initial assessment and offered Chloe an artist’s contract without delay.

Chloe is now the latest addition to Touch Records and is excited to continue writing music she hopes will empower and inspire her listeners. Chloe will be receiving composition from both the UK and the USA.

My music has its own style, I can’t compare it to nobody! I have nothing but love for those who support my grind and believe in me and what I can bring to the table.  Stay with me, my goal is to light up the music game.


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