Hybrid the Rapper is one of the most diverse artists in hip hop music today.  He began recording music nearly two decades ago, and has close to thirty albums under his belt.  The mastermind behind Dubtape Records and Dubtape TV, Hybrid the Rapper, has always felt he was one of a kind and in his own lane in terms of music.

The former member of Basement Upstairs and current piece of the Embercast and Juxtapoze puzzles is a two-time, Lexington Music Awards winner, in the category of Best Hip Hop.  Hybrid the Rapper doesn’t like to be placed under just one genre of music.  From his broad scope in terms of song content, to his singing ability, all the way to his rapid delivery when rapping, Hybrid the Rapper, has worked with artists in almost every other genre of music, and doesn’t hide his pride in that fact.  When you think of multi-talented and opening doors between the realms of different genres of music, Hybrid the Rapper aims to be the first artist that comes to mind.

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Rick Thomas

Hybrid (The All American) Rapper