Jade Titmarsh was 20 years old, on the date of her first signing with a music label.  That date was July 19th, 2013, and the label was Touch Records.  Since then she has been on a musical journey to find her sound and cultivate her brand.  Jade was brought up in North London and has always been interested in music from a very young age.  Jade has been singing since she was 4 years old, and she attended drama schools over the years to pursue her music development.

All through high school she stayed active in singing and acting shows, she took parts in school talent shows and performances like; ‘we will rock you’ and ’grease’.  She directed her school classes and focus on music and singing throughout school, she performed in various shows, and all throughout school she maintained a 3.0 or B average.  She applied for Westminster, one of top music schools in the country, and she was accepted.

After her schooling, but before signing to Touch Records / PLG Music UK, Jade kept herself busy in the performing field, and in front of audiences.  She performed cover songs at different venues throughout London, places such as “The Proud Nightclub” in Camden Town, and a few venues in Hendon.  Jade says “I want my listeners to feel inspired when they hear my music, to follow a path with me and feel they can relate to what I am expressing.”.

Jade also says “I have been writing songs for 10 years, some of which have been in the style of poems, and some of which I create as songs with music adapted from different musical instruments. The songs reflect many of my different experiences in life.”.

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